Monday, October 27, 2014

I've Got Mail

Guess what?!?! Guess what?!?!

I got my first mail today!

Female gets lot of mail and she always looks disappointed. Not today my friend! Today I (maybe...we) got a pretty, sparkly card in the mail and it had MY NAME on it!

Don't be jealous, not everyone can be as cool as me, but when you are this cool, you get Halloween cards. Yep, you do!

Happy Halloween :)

Monday, October 20, 2014

I'm a Therapy dog

Turns out female master is a little too good at her job.

So I got a job too!

I'm a therapy dog. I give out cuddles, some snuggles, and kisses!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Distressing News

You will not believe what has happened. The female master has taken a position running a law firm. I know, terrible news right!?!

Now instead of sleeping in till 9-ish she wakes me at 6am. Feeds me and walks me then plays with me until she has to leave. It's all just to regimental for my liking. This has to stop, I say, STOP!

Lucking Grandmother H comes and rescues me and plays with me all day. Mom packs my lunch, my toys, and my red anti-chase Buster- or birds- thingie. I have such a good time that by the time Mom comes home all that's left for her to do is feed me, walk me, and watch me sleep.

I let her make it up to me this weekend with lots of fireside naps.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

I'm A Muse

So, it turns out that I am something of a celebrity or a muse, or something that gets extra belly rubs. Yep, it happened last week and people, it was AMAZING!
I'm ready for class. Maybe I'm early???

A whole bunch of writers came to my house to play with me for 7 days straight. They may have done other things like workshops, classes, or writing but that's not the point. The point is that for 7, I repeat, 7 days, there was a line of people to rub my tummy and pet me. It. Was. Heaven!

And then they all left as quickly as they came. I had the sads for the rest of the day and mostly slept in my bed to mourn the loss of my writers. People kept saying I was a muse, I think that means they are coming back to rub me for the next book. Yeah, that's what it means.

I had Sads

Maybe this means I get to go to the Caribbean next year???
I'm good at lounging in the sun....

Sunday, September 14, 2014

They ruined my Saturday with a trip to the vet

Can you believe what happened to me?!

First I didn't have breakfast because we were going to "you know where" she says. I did not! But I'll remember for next time.

Then she puts me in the dog carrier of doom. Next thing you know I'm in room with computers, machines, doo-dads and, oh god! That thing. Let me tell you, they put The Thing up my posterior for what seemed like six hours although the Vet seems to think it was a mere 30 seconds. Clearly she doesn't know her nose from her tail!

Finally I got put back in the carrier of doom, cause really, can it get any worse? Mistress brings me home and feeds me. Like this is supposed to make up for two shots, The Thing, and one large (25lbs) dog barking at me. Ugh, no.

I plan to spend my day on the other side of the deck, far far away from her. Tearing apart every leaf that falls.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Deck Days

Just about everyday my Mistress drags me out on the deck for some fresh air and play time. I show her who's Boss by spending the first half hour asleep on the deck instead.

When I finally do manage to wake she has me doing chores. Here I am keeping the deck clear of leaves. It takes awhile as I only much one at a time.

Let me tell you, I have to hide right under her nose, or at least her chair to get any peace and quiet at all!

Oh, and she won't stop taking my picture. ...The things I put up with...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hello World

I'm a pretty spiffy puppy if I do say so myself, you may call me The Hound. I'm a pretty quiet pup and my Master and Mistress weren't sure when they were ever gonna hear me make a noise. But I can manage a woo-woo-woo every now and then.

I spend my days getting into trouble, and the toy basket, between my many naps. If you can't find me playing I'm probably curled up in my big red bed, it's my favorite!

My evenings are spent curled up on the a lap... or somewhere I shouldn't be.  At least until my mistress scoops me up and tucks me into bed for the night. I really like when that happens. She usually slips me a little something for being "such a good boy". What can I say, her training is going well.

I'm so thankful it's a dogs life :)