Sunday, September 14, 2014

They ruined my Saturday with a trip to the vet

Can you believe what happened to me?!

First I didn't have breakfast because we were going to "you know where" she says. I did not! But I'll remember for next time.

Then she puts me in the dog carrier of doom. Next thing you know I'm in room with computers, machines, doo-dads and, oh god! That thing. Let me tell you, they put The Thing up my posterior for what seemed like six hours although the Vet seems to think it was a mere 30 seconds. Clearly she doesn't know her nose from her tail!

Finally I got put back in the carrier of doom, cause really, can it get any worse? Mistress brings me home and feeds me. Like this is supposed to make up for two shots, The Thing, and one large (25lbs) dog barking at me. Ugh, no.

I plan to spend my day on the other side of the deck, far far away from her. Tearing apart every leaf that falls.

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