Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hello World

I'm a pretty spiffy puppy if I do say so myself, you may call me The Hound. I'm a pretty quiet pup and my Master and Mistress weren't sure when they were ever gonna hear me make a noise. But I can manage a woo-woo-woo every now and then.

I spend my days getting into trouble, and the toy basket, between my many naps. If you can't find me playing I'm probably curled up in my big red bed, it's my favorite!

My evenings are spent curled up on the a lap... or somewhere I shouldn't be.  At least until my mistress scoops me up and tucks me into bed for the night. I really like when that happens. She usually slips me a little something for being "such a good boy". What can I say, her training is going well.

I'm so thankful it's a dogs life :)

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