Sunday, October 19, 2014

Distressing News

You will not believe what has happened. The female master has taken a position running a law firm. I know, terrible news right!?!

Now instead of sleeping in till 9-ish she wakes me at 6am. Feeds me and walks me then plays with me until she has to leave. It's all just to regimental for my liking. This has to stop, I say, STOP!

Lucking Grandmother H comes and rescues me and plays with me all day. Mom packs my lunch, my toys, and my red anti-chase Buster- or birds- thingie. I have such a good time that by the time Mom comes home all that's left for her to do is feed me, walk me, and watch me sleep.

I let her make it up to me this weekend with lots of fireside naps.

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